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White Sandwich Bread

Going low-to-no carb and high-fat doesn’t mean giving up bread. This recipe was tested and approved months ago and, no matter how many loaves we test, is still our all-time favorite (and best) house made sandwich bread for a keto diet.

What makes this so great? It has yeast, it rests and rises, it maintains its shape and isn’t spongy, plus its high-protein and fat ratios are in line with low-carb-high-fat diet needs.

While not a beginner recipe — the ingredient list is basically a traditional bakers makeover of specialty flours, powders and spices— it certainly could be a class in starting to bake the keto way. For example, we had never used almond flour, and rising and leavening agents beyond everyday baking powder and cream of tartar. As it turns out, the items needed to make this bread are staples in a low-carb pantry.

White Sandwich Bread ingredients

We focused on quality and sourcing proper ingredients (see ingredient links) from the start as well as learned new tricks to making un-kneaded, no-rolling bread. Like the consistency of sweet breads (think banana bread) but slightly less doughy, the measuring is more exact than any other bread recipe we’ve made. Other bread-making modifications included pan size and top smoothing (see pan origami and smoothing with wet fingers before rising below).

Our full-size bread loaf pan fitted with foil (to shorten) and parchment to create the ideal half-pan form (left) and smooth bread (right) before rising.

The recipe also didn’t work for us the first try. We modified and messed with almost every measurement and a variety of ingredients during the testing, which lasted for weeks before we got it just right (results below we guarantee will make a first loaf perfect, don’t worry). Learning how to work with ingredients such as arrowroot powder, whey protein, psyllium husk powder and xanthan gum was —and is— an adventure. Once we learned the substitutions, what ingredient activate what and how the combination forms into tasty bread, there was no going back.

Sure, we still make a regular loaf of white bread to experience the kneading and rolling we love about bread making, but something about getting this bread right feels like summating Mt. Everest. We think you’ll agree.

White Sandwich Bread

Jamie P
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Cooling Time 1 hr
Total Time 2 hrs 5 mins
Servings 12 slices
Calories 320 kcal



  • Crack eggs into large bowl, cover until room temperature. In the meantime measure ghee and sour cream, set to the side. Start yeast in 1/4 cup of lukewarm water and honey.
  • While waiting for wet ingredients to reach room temperature, set oven to proof (170 degrees) and prepare pan by placing parchment paper in the bottom and hanging off the sides. Shorten regular loaf pan length with foil guard, if sandwich bread-size slices are desired.
  • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside to add in batches to wet ingredients later.
  • Whisk eggs until mixed and add in vinegar. Add vinegar and melted (but not hot) ghee.
  • Mix in half of dry ingredients, then half of the sour cream followed by remaining dry ingredients before mixing in remaining sour cream.
  • Put dough in pan and smooth with wet knife to resemble bread loaf.
  • Let rise for 60 minutes in warm oven before cooking in 350-degree oven for 35 minutes, tenting with foil after first 10 minutes to reduce browning.
  • Cool fully before cutting and wrap slices in plastic wrap for storage up to 1 week.


Serving: 1sliceSodium: 373mgCalcium: 189mgVitamin C: 1mgVitamin A: 111IUSugar: 2gFiber: 6gPotassium: 102mgCholesterol: 59mgCalories: 320kcalSaturated Fat: 7gFat: 25gProtein: 13gCarbohydrates: 16gIron: 2mg
Keyword Gluten-free, Keto, Paleo
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