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Forget what you know about guacamole! Once you make crema, it will be your new go-to, too, with ripe avocados.

Crema – mor kitchen

Tangy with a richness that is fresh for up to five days, crema is perfect for dipping, dolloping, dousing or licking straight from a spoon. Try it on tacos, use it as a sandwich spread, or serve it with tortilla chips. It even makes a sauce for shrimp, which we discovered in our Shrimp in Chili Avocado Crema Sauce dish.

Shrimp in Chili Avocado Crema Sauce – mor kitchen

What’s the recipe? Let’s get right to it!




1. Start by spooning out the avocados into a food processor.

2. Next, add the fresh-squeezed lime juice (reserve a half in case it is too thick).

3. Sprinkle in the fresh garlic, salt and garlic powder.

4. Separate the cilantro leaves from the stems and layer in the food processor. Pour in sour cream.

5. Blend until creamy and smooth, and add extra salt to taste.

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