Make and eat good food with us.

Weekly at Mor offers simple weeknight dinner options with clean-eating, low-carb diners in mind.

We had a busy weekend getting our garden plans set and considering how we will invest in our local farms this season.

CSAs are available for vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and supplies in our region; March is the first chance to sign up.

Our meal plan this week takes into account the bevy of finds from our farmers along with the ongoing diet needs to stick to our keto journey (maybe even advance our weight loss goals as we get closer to summer!)

Red cabbage will make super meatball cups. And extra cucumbers will be perfect for gazpacho. Plus, who doesn’t want an early taste of spring? We think gazpacho will do the trick.

Hot Italian sausage will require a special market stop but we are always up for a visit to Jacob’s Meat Market or The Chopping Block. Let’s see what Wagner’s Market has as well for our keto-friendly recipe.

On to our dinner menu plan for the week!

Here’s the menu I have planned:

Monday (March 08):
Mongolian Meatball Cabbage Cups

Tuesday (March 09):
Roasted Cod Nicoise

Wednesday (March 10):
Cucumber Gazpacho

Thursday (March 11):
Hot Italian Sausage Stuffed Peppers

Like this week’s post and next week we’ll be sure to send along the shopping list! How’s that for community rewards on a keto meal plan. Now if only we could be there in your kitchen to help with meal prep!

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