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We’re a keto-focused kitchen but sometimes we dabble in paleo (dairy-free, low-carb) and vegan (dairy- and egg-free, meat-free, low-carb) but remain sugarless and gluten free throughout (as well as nut free).

Yes, that’s a lot to remember but once you have keto under your belt the other modifications are really slight. In the rule-of-thumb way we go about our cooking and baking, we have committed some “rules” to memory at this point. Dinner, in our opinion, is easiest to navigate.

Eggs, of course, make an appearance in most keto baked goods and breakfasts, for instance, but they are used minimally at dinner time in vegan recipes. Cheese and dairy automatically are substituted in paleo faire, which also makes the meal vegan.

Dinner doesn’t typically involve a debate about fruits (except tomatoes) so we hardly ever wonder what we can or can’t make.

Potatoes (sweet) and beans are cool for paleo eaters; rice and pastas (gluten free) are served occasionally in our meals for traditional diners who want carbohydrates as well.

Quick breakdown:

Keto – no sugar, low carbs (green vegetables, berries only), meat, no starch, no grains, dairy, nuts, seeds

Paleo – no sugar, medium carbs (vegetables, all fruits), some starch (sweet potatoes), beans, no grains, no dairy

Vegan – no dairy, no eggs, no animal meats

As always, thanks for following us! Here’s the menu I have planned:

Monday (April 19):

Keto Pots Sloppy Joes with Cloud Buns

Tuesday (April 20):

Food Network’s Grilled Chicken Thighs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce

Wednesday (April 21):

Mince Republic’s Beef Empanadas

Thursday (April 22):

Spend with Pennies Cauliflower Fried Rice


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