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Weekly at Mor offers simple weeknight dinner options with clean-eating, low-carb diners in mind.

Working on this week’s menu I am reminded to keep things simple. Weeknights are not always the time to spend hours on dinner (prep or cooking).

I learned this the hard way last Wednesday when I thought about adding a biscuit to the mix and ended up with mounds of food untouched. It just took too long to bake and no one had the patience to wait. Fortunately, the freezer had room.

Hungry football players and a gymnast will make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a pinch. Quite honestly, this is my worst nightmare 30 minutes before a meal is ready!

In the spirit of simple and fast, give these recipes a try this week. Let’s time them to see just how many minutes we can shave off the original recipes!

Here’s the menu I have planned:

Monday (March 15):

General Tso’s Chicken

Tuesday (March 16):

Vegetarian Meatballs (not Keto)

Wednesday (March 17):

Chicken Lasagna Cups

Thursday (March 18):

Shrimp Scampi

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