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Weekly at Mor (Backstage): Kitchen video making

Backstage is our way to recap what we learn behind the scenes. We believe sometimes the journey is way more interesting than the final cut (not to mention a gold mine for tips and tricks).

We are a recipe testing kitchen and teaching others how to reset their way of baking and cooking. Video is required to share what we are learning and demonstrating. As we master a recipe, the camera joins us to capture the moment and make it ready to share.

When we started, there were no elaborate scripts; we elected to not feature speaking parts in our simple videos. Further, we decided to be mobile and shoot with iPhones and not buy expensive photography equipment.

Our process is designed to be easy and simple from design to production using daylight in our kitchen, a few inexpensive tools and relatively free apps. It’s pretty incredible what an iPhone with a few apps can do.

We’re proud to say the entire end-to-end experience is something teenage good-food makers master immediately with only a social media (TikTok) background and their iPhones. The adults aren’t half bad at it either (even though we have a bit of corporate marketing training).

There are no scripts in our kitchen shoots; final recipes guide us in demonstrations, showing the ingredients followed by instruction steps in each video shot. The video clips we upload and edit, brand with our color palette and publish to our channel.

Video starter kit


Shutter remote

Webcam light

Camera mount

Our first few videos were shot more than once to get the hang of the remote control and camera angles as well as lightning. Additional time was spent on editing and selecting the music we thought was on brand.

Now that we feel like we’re ready to be in front of the camera, we set up our YouTube Studio Channel and live streaming service for more video storage and better tracking. The Baking Day series (in testing) is scripted and timed for live streaming and playback on demand.

Top tips for first-time video success:

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