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Top 10 Lists to Jumpstart Keto

Planning fat-boosted meals with low-to-no carbohydrates makes grocery shopping feel like an adventure in a new world.

But starting simple with a few of our favorite Keto lists will take out the guesswork and help you get into ketosis in no time.

It all starts with your macronutrient calculation and breakdown of what foods you need to reach your goals. We found these resources to be hugely helpful: Wholesome Yum’s Macronutrient Calculator, Ketogasm’s Hello Keto virtual training program, Milk Street Cooking School’s improv session and the LifeSum app.

In the beginning, it worked to map a simple breakdown of our macronutrients (do this regardless of which kind of Keto you are taking on), matching it to our mealtime prep and servings on our plate to the pie, and sticking to two rules: 1) no sugar and 2) raw vegetable snacks.

Macronutrient pie chart with with breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
Wholesome Yum’s Macronutrient Calculator

Taking advantage of a few virtual classes such as Ketogasm’s Hello Keto program ( and Milk Street Cooking School’s basics cooking program — The Art of Kitchen Improv (also free with login) ( helped us understand why fats and protein ratios matter and how to really get creative in our good-food making.

As we go, we find it’s impossible to know enough about good-food making; what we eat impacts our health and wellness everyday. Not to mention the miracle results of diet on health, which we continue seeing in ourselves daily.

-Mor Kitchen team

Additionally, we started writing down exactly what we were eating with LifeSum’s app. You find out quickly how you are eating, and where (and when) to change bad habits after a couple weeks of meal, snack and beverage tracking.

Then, from all of our reading and training, and tracking, we pinned our first favorite list and a Keto food pyramid to live by anywhere we needed the reminder:

Vegetables to Eat on Keto

Keto or Low-Carb Diet Food Pyramid

Keto Food Pyramid from Factor 75

We also depended on friends in the business such as Catalina Crunch, which came out with a handy visual shopping list and the following on their Instagram account (

Catalina Crunch Keto Notes on Instagram

Headbangers Kitchen ( had the best 35-item starter list (adapted below for a text-only weekly stock checklist) to easily share with anyone in our family doing the weekly grocery shopping:

  1. Eggs
  2. Bacon
  3. Avocado
  4. Red Onion
  5. Cilantro
  6. Tomato
  7. Lime/Lemon
  8. Garlic
  9. Broccoli
  10. Zucchini
  11. Ground Beef
  12. Cheddar Cheese/Gouda (Any of your fav hard cheese will do)
  13. Cheese Slices (Optional you can just use the cheddar)
  14. Parmesan Cheese (the good stuff and it’s optional)
  15. Heavy Whipping Cream
  16. Full Fat Cream Cheese
  17. Ham
  18. Dijon Mustard (or whole grain or even yellow mustard)
  19. Chicken Thighs
  20. Pre-packed Salad mixes or lots of assorted lettuce and maybe some baby spinach to mix in as well

Fruits and snacks were next on our minds. We needed treats to eat without going over our macros and feel full (and so we didn’t want to cheat). That takes us to our next list:

Fruits and Snacks on Keto

The lists of foods to eat (and not eat) grew as our shopping — and menu planning— became more exotic. While in the beginning we depended on mornings with eggs and bacon (simple) with avocados, we quickly moved to harissa and eggs in purgatory. Making breads and muffins for more variety, using almond flours and tahini, satisfied our cravings for carbs, among many new alternatives to pasta (we love Shirataki noodles).

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