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Baking since I can remember, eggs have always been a staple – they are in everything! Making the switch to cage-free organic options from both our local grocery store and now farm-fresh has been an adventure.

Local farm eggs are colorful. They come in a variety of shapes and they are much more flavorful and, as I read, rich in omega-3s.

Sometimes we find a twin. But the most interesting differences are between species of bird.

Today in the kitchen, we are comparing duck to chicken eggs. How do they compare in size? Does the yolk-to-white ratio vary? What do they taste like? Can you taste the difference in food?

Size matters

Let’s start with size. Whereas free-range chicken eggs are noticeably smaller on the outside (and variable in color), turns out the inside is more balanced in yolk-to-white ratio.

chicken egg variety

The yolk color varies as well. Richer yellow – almost an orange – yolk in duck eggs is dramatic. Our bread dough with duck eggs in the mix is slightly darker and more yellow in color. The baked bread also had a warmer-white color.

The taste difference in boiled eggs is negligible. Besides being bigger—and therefore more filling— the flavor difference was hard to detect. In the two boiled duck eggs we opened, the yolk color was the most noticeable difference besides difficulty getting the shells off, which you can see on the whites.

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