Category: Keto

  • Carmelized delicata & acorn squash

    Carmelized delicata & acorn squash

    Delicata squash is a flavorful addition to any Thanksgiving spread (especially candied!) We use both acorn and delicata squash in our recipe but it would be just as delicious with only one kind of squash.

  • Wild rice & sausage stuffing

    Try this family-favorite wild rice stuffing adapted for low-carb diners.

  • Paleo Peppers

    These stuffed peppers are loaded with protein and smothered in bubbly cheese for a quick, satisfying meal any day of the week. Add rice to the base (paleo and gluten-free) or on the side. Or go keto with no rice at all.

  • Garlic Shrimp and Zoodles

    Only a few ingredients in this simple keto and gluten-free shrimp meal that has the vegetable tossed in.

  • 1/2 & 1/2 Lasagna

    Simple weeknight meal with meaty layers and enough to serve a crowd no matter their tastes. Or make on a Sunday and freeze for dinner later in the week. Sprinkle fine grated Parmesan cheese on eggplant before baking for extra cheesiness.

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