Reading in the Test Kitchen: Solar-Baked Bread and sustainable baking in France

Photo: Colette Davidson. “Arnaud Crétot holds three varieties of his organic bread, which he bakes using a solar-powered oven,” reports the Christian…

Solar-Baked Bread

Sustainable farming is critical to our mission and a consideration in our sourcing of flours and produce, meats, cheeses, and daily menu supplies. But not until reading this story did we realize the impact sustainable (and solar) baking.

Using solar energy in our kitchen didn’t even occur to me. It’s possible to have a panel to charge my phone, power a battery for backyard lighting and many other small low-voltage needs. But baking?

My oven runs daily; traditional power usage is roughly $.30 per hour, according to Silicon Valley Power’s estimates [link]. That’s not substantial by modern energy use standards.

Yet it is the difference between traditional baking methods in a modern kitchen in suburbia and rural cooking in an African nation with only sun power. And it’s also what drives companies making solar powered ovens (and French neo-baking traditions).

Are you curious? Take a minute to read the story and then learn more about the solar oven organization, Go Sol [link], and the International Baker School founded by biologist Thomas Teffri-Chambelland [link to program website].

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