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Baking Day: Gluten Free Toasting Bread

Kicking off our gluten-free recipe collection is an exciting new chapter in our baking and cooking.

Our kitchen recipe testing started in the rigid diet confines of keto, moving into a more relaxed but still plant-based-but-more-fruit-allowed paleo to manage health conditions and inflammation.

But all along we have been maintaining a low-to-no gluten stance. And as we add back more foods (following the process of discovering allergens without doctor testing), it is clear the real food sensitivity we have is gluten.

Maybe it’s just us, but in a nutshell, we can safely say our inflammation and brain fog is dramatically impacted by carbohydrates full of gluten and sugar.

Dairy still remains a sensitivity consideration (we stick to almond milk, generally) but Greek plain yogurt along with off-the-block cheeses still remain on the list of preferred snacks in moderation.

We look forward to the testing and learning process ahead as we understand flours and starches inherent in gluten-free (but not keto) baking. Join us on our adventure!

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