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It’s not easy being carb-free eaters. We never realized how many carbs we consumed until we started tracking our every bite. Way too often we reach for convenience foods stocked in our pantry. That was before keto.

Then, snack foods were a staple. Chips and crackers, in particular, are the hardest habits to break. A year in, we have overcome that challenge with veggie chips, nuts and seeds, and cheese or jerky.

As we wrote about in our early days of low-carb eating, our taste for bread and crusts was deeply engrained (pun intended) in our diets.

We hope by bringing back our favorites, it helps anyone get started making the basics like bread and pie crust to stick to keto.

White Sandwich (with yeast)

You will find this moist white bread when made in a 1/2-pound loaf pan makes the best sandwich bread loaf. Toasting is also like the real thing and perfect with Strawchia Jam (sugar-free, of course!)

Recipe for our favorite keto white sandwich bread >

Buttery Flaky Pie Crust

This flaky, buttery and tasty, keto pie crust is ideal for anything from pies (both sweet and savory!) to empanadas and quiches (and we agree!)

Recipe from our friends at Gnom Gnom for flaky keto pie crust >


We make these fresh now as the taco meat is finishing to serve hot but form them in a taco tray for later, if you prefer. Or the cooled tortillas can be stored in reusable storage bags for up to a week for wraps and leftovers.

Recipe from our friends at Diet Chefs for the best keto tortillas >

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