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Created and curated dinner recipes, meal plan and shopping list. Our branding or your branding options available.

Curated Recipes*

Submit a recipe for testing and be featured with your branding in Weekly at Mor, or ask Mor Kitchen to create a custom recipe with non-GMO and organic supplies, farm-fresh produce, dairy and meats to publish on your website.

*Recipes must meet good-food guidelines, or will be adapted to Keto (lowest-carb, fat-rich, protein-balanced, berries-only, potato-and-corn free), Paleo (lower-carb, dairy-free, fruit-rich, protein-rich), and Vegan (no dairy, eggs, animal proteins) with non-GMO and sustainably sourced ingredients. Often allergen-conscious and gluten-free, our recipes are also considerate of many sensitivities.

Shopping Lists*

We’ll promote ingredients and farm-fresh produce in weekly easy-to-use lists for shopping for weekly dinner or meal plans. Just share weekly stock alerts or inventory details.

*Amazon affiliate feeds with food and supplies help support our efforts and are automatically included in post or pages on Mor Kitchen’s website.

Buy Local Stories

In stock and fresh store or market updates are featured on Mor Kitchen social with “buy local” tagging to your business. Create your own or use Mor Kitchen’s digital services.

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Affiliate marketing

Help support our good food efforts by clicking links to products in our curated shopping lists and recipes.

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