Curated Today: The Implications Of Oat Fiber For Keto Bread Applications | Grain Millers

The marketplace is full of individuals with a diverse expanse of food preferences and requirements. One common trend in nutrition is a gravitation toward diets low in carbohydrates. Among the wave of popular low-carb diets, including paleo and gluten-free regimens, is the ketogenic diet. — Read on

Spinach Salads (and more) with Easy Dressing | Keto, Gluten-free

Last week, we were craving salads. It seemed like a great way to cure our early onset winter blues. There is something about bright colorful vegetables that makes the day seem warm and sunny. I call it the “pina-colada effect” when we make out-of-season favorites to remind us of going to the beach (sans theContinue reading “Spinach Salads (and more) with Easy Dressing | Keto, Gluten-free”

Yes! Feel good about snacking … even now.

The off-mainstream food choices of keto eating (i.e. non-fried, leafy and starch-free vegetables, refined nuts and berry basics) is challenging. Now let’s add the social experience and unknowns of an epidemic unlike ever before. It’s a perfect storm that leads to binging. Binging on podcasts, binging on television, binging on videos online…. you get theContinue reading “Yes! Feel good about snacking … even now.”

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