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What a day in the test kitchen. And, boy, was the milk flowing. If you give the kids a cookie … you know how the story goes.

No one objected to this baking day challenge. Eating cookie dough and cookies is almost as regular as taking our vitamins and we do just as much experimenting. Vegan, keto, paleo and traditional cookie recipes fill our recipe box (yes, we have an old-school box of cards!)

Not one of today’s recipes was better than another as each offered a different take on the traditional chocolate chip cookie. Cookie A was cocoa-rich but eggless. Our second keto cookie had baking soda (and traditional ingredients such as flours and sugars) yet no eggs.

The final cookie we discovered had the closest taste to traditional chocolate chip cookies once cooked even without a brown sugar alternative or baking soda. We wanted to prefer the taste of Cookie B because it looked so much like a traditional cookie, but something about mixing baking soda with Monkfruit with Erythritol sweetener creates a cooling and distinct flavor in our mouths that we could get used to.

All in all, it was a great taste test and helped us perfect Nora’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which we have posted for testing.


Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

Cookie A: Keto Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recipe Source: @thebigmansworld

This is an awesome chocolate cookie dough, if you are craving a sweet indulgent treat. We all tasted and approved this flax-egg version; cocoa-licious and rich from almond butter this recipe mimics a fat bomb yet flattened for baking makes really tasty cookies. We used only one bowl and mixed into the liquid ingredients (instead of the other way around), which required some extra mixing. Make sure the ingredients are well mixed but don’t be surprised if streams of almond butter still appear in the balls.

Chewy, rich chocolate flavor and not too sweet, the cooked dough is like a brownie or cupcake in a cookie. The dough hardly flattens or spreads when cooked. Even after cooling, these cookies are chewy and maintain their shape.

Cookie B: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recipe Source: @trinakrug

This recipe produced the cookie dough closest to real cookie dough that we have tested although there is still a hint of “keto” flavor because of the flour base (non-keto tasters have an active diet of traditional baked goods with cane sugar and gluten (and sometimes are pre-packaged)).

We also noticed the baking soda in the dough, and used powdered sugar and molasses as an alternative to Lakanto brown sugar. That change in sugar composition could also lend itself to less of a traditional cookie dough flavor (or stronger hint of baking soda). We refrigerated our dough before baking to ensure the fluffiness.

Cooked dough turned out amazing and fluffy (just like the recipe says) and has a undeniable non-keto texture and appearance. It’s a shoe-in for a bake sale and any cookie plate you may want to share with friends. Side-by-side of a traditional flour-full cookie no one would be able to tell the difference in appearance. Like traditional chocolate chip cookies, they flatten as they cook but refrigerating will prevent pancakes. Also, rolling the dough in balls helps with even browning. When cool, the fluffiness decreases slightly and they are a bit greasy (lots of butter in these cookies!) but very moist and chewy. Watch the addition of coconut flour as that will add moisture and may impact how well they stay together after cooking.

Cookie C: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recipe Source: @ketofocus

We added this recipe to the mix as it most closely resembles the recipe we grew up with (and still make today in our house in both keto and non-keto friendly versions). Mostly flour, an egg and sugar, this dough was super soft. It firmed up in the refrigerator and the refrigerated dough flattened normally when cooked. It tasted most like traditional cookie dough, which may be due to the real egg even though the consistency was like a thick batter. Similar in appearance to other the non-cocoa chocolate chip cookie dough, this dough could not be rolled into balls.

This cookie version required the least amount of cooking time (11 minutes) and didn’t brown as quickly on the top/evenly as the other. More cakey than the previous cookie, it’s shape was noticeably different (mounded). Although color was the same as any keto or non-keto chocolate chip cookie we’ve made.

Taste-wise this had the texture and consistency of more of a cake-style cookie but tasted the closest to a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

Our original Chocolate Chunk Cookie is a classic take on chocolate chip cookies and similar to the flavor of this recipe.

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