Make and eat good food with us.

Staying low-carb and boosting fat in your daily diet doesn’t have to be complicated!

Some of our daily go-to recipes have only a few ingredients (literally, our Strawchia Jam uses three plus the main ingredient: strawberries!) And we keep a healthy stock of eggs, butter and almond milk (or coconut and soy, depending on the week!)

For instance, if you are into bread (who isn’t) and now finding that carbohydrates are off the menu, this simple and easy recipe from Hungry Elephant combines baking essentials (protein powder, almond flour and xanthan gum and baking powder) and butter. When you have 30 minutes and want to keep it simple, this bread is an great alternative to our rising Keto White Bread.

We generally spend Saturdays market shopping (several farm markets are operating in our rural communities as are local health food stores and butchers … go there!) Sundays are for chopping and prepping sides and salads and bacon (for sandwiches and bits) and making sure our berry and nuts stock is set. In addition to milks and butters– some infused and flavored versions we make ourselves– we keep blocks of cheese. Yes, like the deli. Or we make sure we have asked the deli for thick slices of sharp cheddar and provolone for the week to make into chips and wraps. Additionally, hand grated cheeses appear regularly in our menu.

We look ahead to see what’s interesting in our secret Pinterest Testing board (only for the member eaters and makers in our kitchen!) to move to our Dinner board collection for the week; we also consider what worked last week that we can keep in rotation for a second run. Not everything is approved (kid taste buds are picky!) but I have yet to make a cabbage- or eggplant-based meal that no one likes. Even the pasta-aficionados in the house love half-zucchini-half-gluten-free lasagna. It’s true, I swear!

Beyond breakfast of breads and pastries, we make eggs. Lots of egg bakes, egg cups, boiled and poached. Pan-fried egg toast (that’s a slice of bread with a circle cut out to fry an egg in), or egg wraps starting from an omelette and filled with mushrooms and cheese and bacon gets us going in the morning. The simple recipe of two eggs whisked with a few tablespoons of whole milk fried, covered until firm, and seasoned and filled with whatever you like (or have on hand) couldn’t be easier to prep and make.

Spinach is a staple in our kitchen. We stock the most amazing spinach from a local farm. Rich and green, it goes in everything. Breakfast? Check. Lunch? We chop and fold spinach into egg salad, or eat it raw with homemade bacon dressing and slivered red onions and almonds topped with a little blue cheese. But dinner is where we sneak it in the most. Layered in lasagna, rolled into chicken cordon bleu or tucked into pizza below the sauce (yes, keep it tucked in or you’ll have spinach chips from the oven’s heat!)

Low-carb Avocado Mayo Egg Salad

6 Eggs, boiled and shelled

1/2 Cup Avocado Oil Mayo (or just mashed avocados (1 whole) or homemade mayonnaise)

1/2 Cup chopped spinach

1/2 Celery stick, chopped fine

2 Tablespoons minced yellow onion

1 Tablespoon minced garlic

Salt and Pepper, to taste

We don’t plan dinner too far in advance but rather stock for creativity. If the beans look better than the bell peppers at the market, or we get a great price on ground pork, the menu changes. We instead keep at the ready these favorite recipes:

Seared Salmon and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Three-Layered Roasted Eggplant Parmesan

Panko-Crusted Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chick-fil A Chicken Nuggets

Zucchini Ravioli and Meatballs

Braised Beef Stew

Tender Pork-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Stuffed Bell Pepper Meatloaf (single-serve)

Proteins can be seared and stand alone with a side of any vegetable as the most simple way to cook and maintain macros, or ratios. You won’t even miss the carbohydrates on the side (rice and beans, for instance), if you fill the space on your plate with extra salad.

The above list is an example of how we mix and match. Seasonings, sauces and staples such as onion and garlic are always on hand. Meatballs seasoning, for instance, works with almost any ground protein; sauces (tomato, cheese, gravy) go well in many sides or any style of zoodle or noodle (plant-based or shirataki). We also have a go-to Mexican and Chinese spice mix (homemade!) handy as well as a number of dip recipes, including guacamole. Craving fried chicken? Breading is simple with a few scoops of protein powder mixed with gluten-free seasoning salts and half of a cup of almond flour before air frying or pan frying in a low-smoke oil of choice.

We covered some of the basics we use to keep our meal planning on the good-food, clean-eating track. But there’s more! If you happen to be a subscriber, Diet Doctor has a meal plan featuring five ingredients or less! Plus, they’re recommendations for spices and ingredients to always have on hand is super!

Want Mor? Follow us at the market and on our clean eating journey!

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